We have carefully chosen the best cycling areas in this vast country. The Southern States are best visited in the months of November to March and the far north of Queensland is best in July to early September. Experience Australia’s unique wildlife close up.

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Experience Croatia’s coast and islands. It offers a unique combination of breathtaking natural beauty, varied scenery, interesting architecture, excellent wine and delicious food. A mixed of charming little villages, medieval towns loaded with history and bustling modern cities. Best riding in Spring months (April / May) and late Summer (September / October).

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Custom Tours

Make your own tours, any area, number of days or level!

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Czech Republic / Austria Cycling Tours

This biking adventure gives us a fascinating taste of the medieval towns and cities of the Czech Republic and its impressive castles as we cycle on quiet country lanes through gently rolling hills. Crossing into Austria the excellent cycle ways continue as we bike first by the Danube and then head for the lakes and the mountains – a dramatic change in scenery.

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Philip Moritz invented and built the first bicycle in Germany about 200 years ago. Today there are over 70 million bikes in Germany.

Cycling is part of German culture. People ride to work, using them for exercise or just for enjoyment.

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Join Pedaltours as we leave the highways behind and cycle through villages where we will share the road with goats and camels - perhaps even an elephant; see local women pumping water at the communal well and be overwhelmed by magnificent Moghul forts rising above deserts and towns.

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New Zealand

Cycling New Zealand is among the best cycling in the world. Cycle across the Southern Alps, in the rain forest or along the sea coast all in breath taking scenery. From a leisurely two-day bike tour to a spectacular 22-day cycling tour we have something for every-one. Enjoy summer from December to March.

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Slovenia is a paradise for Cyclists. A place so small offering so much. Plenty of cycle paths for those in search of challenging cycling adventures as well as family cycling terrain.

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Vietnam, with its many ethnic minorities and 2,200 years of history, is rich in culture and heritage. Enjoy bicycling on quiet country roads with the friendly locals. Our range of tours cover most of the country.

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