Distance Level 

Level A - Up to 50km
Suitable for beginner cyclists. Easy bike tour with plenty of opportunities to stop.
Level B - Up to 75km
Suitable for moderate active cyclists.
Level C - Over 75km
Suitable for passionate cyclists or very active individuals.


Climbing Level

Level 1 - Up to 1500ft
Terrain: Mostly flat with the occasional rolling terrain. There might be a steeper but short climb. 
Level 2 - 1500 to 2500ft
Terrain: Mostly rolling terrain with occasional steeper climb.
Level 3 - 2500 to 3500ft
Terrain: Rolling terrain with multiple steep climbs.
Level 4 - Over 3500ft
Terrain: Multiple steep climbs. Some climb might be over long distances.


A1:  Easy
B2:  Moderate
C3 & C4: Challenging


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